Resilience Building

Challenges and stress in the workplace cannot be avoided, but we can build up our resilience to them.
Organisations, managers and individuals can learn to identify, manage and “bounce forward” from these challenges more effectively.

Resilience is now recognised as an important factor in the current, modern day workplace.

This programme aims to assist leaders and teams to examine their ability to be successful both personally and professionally, in the midst of a high-pressured, fast-paced and continuously changing environment.

Based on the neuroscience, positive psychology, systems thinking and other coaching methologies, Barbara will guide you and your teams through the building blocks of resilience and will explore with you, how to bring these blocks to life in the workplace. With a self-assessment you can recognize areas of strengths and areas for further development and growth.

Emphasis is placed on personal skills, abilities and attitudes and how these skills can be benefit individuals, teams and organisations. It includes essential skills such as managing conflict and difficult situations, behaving assertively and development of emotional intelligence.

It’s not enough to just survive, for true success and fulfillment we need to thrive and learning how to “bounce forward” through adversity, stress and difficulty is what resilience building is all about.