EQ Skills Wheel

The challenges faced by organisations and their leaders today are many. Studies have shown a direct correlation between Organisational Climate and Financial Results of the business (Goleman 2000).

Organisational Climate is an indicator of the collective relationships, engagement, behaviours and beliefs held by those within the business.

The drivers of business require top class outcomes in order for business to be successful, in whatever terms you define success.

Often it’s not clear what behaviours or beliefs are causing the issues that are typically met in everyday working life. Identifying these areas of issue and understanding the impact they are having on the drivers of business helps to identify critical blocks to achieving good outcomes.

However, understanding the potential Emotional Intelligence skills that can bridge the gap between workplace challenges and the overarching goals of leaders and organisations is where the real power lies.

The EQ Skills Wheel allows leaders to consider all the of behaviours that could impact them and their teams in the performance of their roles. It gives them a method of mapping real business issues with EQ skills and ultimate outcomes to uncover what is getting in the way of success.

This tool is unique to EQ.ie and is a coaching tool, invaluable to all EQ assessments and development programmes.

If you would like to explore a license agreement opportunity on the usage of the EQ Skills Wheel system and methodology, please contact bnugent@eq.ie