Measure Your Emotional Intelligence

Measure your EQ

Emotional Capital Report (©RocheMartin ECR)
The Emotional Capital Report is a best in class tool that uses field-tested psychometrics to measure your level of competency in each Emotional Intelligence skill area.

A participant’s detailed scores are benchmarked against the data of 10,000 successful leaders from around the world.

The report delivers 19 pages of coaching strategy to help develop your particular and specific skills.

ECR Self-Assessment
Assess your own key EQ skills and receive a comprehensive report of your leadership potential in each area.

ECR 360 Assessment
With input from your chosen raters, receive a detailed report showing their perception of your EQ skills. Recognise your areas of strength and development and discover your
potential to excel in EQ.

ECR Selection
Identify talent and high potential employees to recruit to your organisation, or to develop within your organisation.

Measure your Team’s EQ

Vital Signs Toolkit for Change(©6 Seconds)

70% of organisational change initiatives do not succeed.  How do you gain the insight to stay in the 30%.  The Vital Signs Toolkit gives you powerful data to create a strategy that works through your people.  It accurately assesses effectiveness and capacity for change.  VS is a suite of scientifically validated measurement tools which looks at performance through the lenses of the individual, the team and the organisation.

LVS – Leadership Vital  Signs offers a 360 measurement of the leader’s capacity to produce strong results and drive change.  Drivers measured are Influence, Efficacy, Design and Direction.

TVS – Team Vital Signs measures the vitality of a work group, their capacity to achieve great results and their readiness to meet new challenges.  Drivers measured are Satisfaction, Results, Agility and Sustainability.

OVS – Organisational Vital Signs measures the people side of performance, allows the ability to pinpoint opportunities and identify key risks factors.  Drivers measured are Retention, Productivity, Customer Focus and Future Success.