Leadership Programme

A structured results-driven programme to improve and develop strong, focused, confident leadership skills in new and current leaders. Learning outcomes are specific to the individual and measured before and after the programme.

UNDERSTAND – One-day Emotional Intelligence Workshop to explain EQ and its link to individual and business performance.  (This is open to your organization to attend, aside from those on the leadership programme).

MEASURE – The Emotional Capital 360 Report.  This establishes strengths and areas for development in leadership competencies.  Encompassing input from others within the organization, the participant can explore the gaps between how they perceive themselves and how they are perceived. Specific goals are established to improve skills over the programme.

DEVELOP – One-to-one Coaching, and a series of on-line “Virtual Coach” modules to support and develop Emotional Intelligence in a practical, effective programme over an agreed period of time.  EQ can be grown, developed and embedded as leadership behaviours.

MEASURE – Measure again, against goals set and previous reports to evaluate the leadership gains of the programme.  Explore the differences and evaluate the performance impact.

PLAN – Establish next steps and future growth areas to ensure continuous improvement and strong focused leadership.