Team and Organisational EQ Programme

Team and Organisation Vital Signs Framework

70% of change initiatives fail. Staying within that successful 30% takes the synergy of a fully engaged, effective team.

The Team Vital Signs is a survey of team members evaluating the team experience. It measures the drivers of team effectiveness, offering insight into the workplace climate and team dynamics.
Identify opportunities and obstacles for optimal group performance. Learn to recognise the elements that:

  • Inspire deep motivation
  • Achieve smooth execution
  • Create effective teamwork, and
  • Transform resistance to readiness for change

The Organisational Vital Signs Survey is a well-validated measure of organisational climate using a focused survey that is completed online or on paper. It rapidly and accurately provides a snapshot of the people-side of the organisation. Beyond a staff satisfaction measure, OVS identifies key performance drivers linked to practical outcomes as a roadmap for improvement.