Our Services

We work with individuals to measure and develop their Emotional Intelligence thereby progressing their Leadership effectiveness and results.

We work with Companies to evolve inspired High Performance teams, engaged and energised to deliver company objectives.

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

An interactive 1-day workshop which explains the science of EI, why it matters and the compelling evidence of the link with business performance.

Learning outcomes are:

  • Understand how EQ works and the evidence of its impact on organisations and individuals.
  • Learn why EQ is critical to great leadership and why it is more important than IQ.
  • Understand the 10 “must have” components for building EQ.
  • Assess your own emotional intelligence and leadership skills.
  • Learn how to manage behaviours that hold you back from optimal performance.
  • Understand the key strategies for improving EQ competencies.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Programme

A structured results-driven programme to improve and develop strong, focussed, confident leadership skills in new and current leaders. Learning outcomes are specific to the individual and measured before and after the programme.

UNDERSTAND – 1 Day Emotional Intelligence Workshop to explain EI and its link to individual and business performance

MEASURE – The Emotional Capital 360 Report, Organisational, Team and Leadership EQ Vital Signs Report and the Wheel of Change to guide the process of changing behaviour.
Establish specific goals to achieve over the programme.

DEVELOP – One-to-one Coaching, Team Coaching and a series of on-line “Virtual Coach” modules to support and develop Emotional Intelligence in a practical, effective programme over an agreed period of time.

MEASURE – Measure again, against goals set and previous reports to evaluate the leadership gains of the programme.

PLAN – Establish next steps and future growth areas to ensure continuous improvement and strong focussed leadership.

Team and Organisation Emotional Intelligence Vital Signs Framework

70% of change initiatives fail. Staying within that successful 30% takes the synergy of a fully engaged, effective team.

The Team Vital Signs is a survey of team members evaluating the team experience. It measures the drivers of team effectiveness, offering insight into the workplace climate and team dynamics.
Identify opportunities and obstacles for optimal group performance. Learn to recognise the elements that:

  • Inspire deep motivation
  • Achieve smooth execution
  • Create effective teamwork, and
  • Transform resistance to readiness for change

The Organisational Vital Signs Survey is a well-validated measure of organisational climate using a focused survey that is completed online or on paper. It rapidly and accurately provides a snapshot of the people-side of the organisation. Beyond a staff satisfaction measure, OVS identifies key performance drivers linked to practical outcomes as a roadmap for improvement.

Keynote Speaking

Customised to the individual requirements of the client, available to present the Power of Emotional Intelligence to make or break your business. Breakfast meetings, in-house presentations, event participation – all focused on the critical skills and business results of Emotional Intelligence.