Emotional intelligence is the key to successful leaders and teams.  It is how we manage ourselves and others, how we skillfully respond rather than react.  Developing this skillset will help leaders move towards their own potential and help their teams to do the same.  Allowing everyone to contribute to the organisation at their highest level of contribution, lifts everyone, engages everyone and allows the business to thrive.

The Science

Backed by in-depth neuroscience, rigorous studies and publications by Goleman, Newman, Freedman, Seligman, Bradbury and others – the link between Emotional Intelligence and workplace performance is indisputable.

The Clients

“The results were tangible with the team being more engaged and motivated back in the workplace. Barbara’s professional but personable approach engenders trust. Her experience and background brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the table”
Niamh Clancy, Senior Director, Yahoo Customer Care Operations, EMEA.

The Expertise

Barbara Nugent’s reputation as a business leader developed within the multinational world of finance and operations. As VP – Finance, EMEA & India, she led global teams and strategic change projects. Qualified and expert, her passion is to help individuals and teams realise their potential.

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Measure your EQ

Far from being an intangible skill set, Emotional Intelligence is measurable on an individual, team and organisational level. It is also measurable skill-set by skill-set. The EQ impact on the key drivers of business can be charted and 360 reports can offer insights into how EQ is perceived within the organisation.

Neuroscience gives us the science of how Emotional Intelligence works. Validated studies over the past 20 years give us the evidence of the impact on the drivers of performance at every level in the organisation.

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